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Max Shangle

Educator and Administrator with
demonstrated scholarship, leadership, and executive experience in higher education.

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I'm an art and design administrator and educator, furniture design and function expert, craftsman, and photographer. I apply Design Thinking and Servant Leadership principles to address challenges, build understanding, and foster collaboration. With forty years of experience, I bring my diverse academic background into every interaction and am passionate about assisting those around me to achieve their greatest potential. Collaborating with creatives in academia has fortified my deep commitment to creative discovery, learning, and sharing through the arts.
- Woodworking
- Market Responsive Program Development
- Film/Digital Photography
- Accreditation Experience: HLC, NASAD, SACSCOC, CIDA
- Collaborative Partnership Building
- Furniture Design


Professor- Design Studies

Chair of Furniture Design

Dean of the College

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Harrington College of Design Celebrates the Work of Architect-Turned-Designer

"This exhibit is an excellent creative learning opportunity and a compelling visual demonstration of creative and concept execution. I'm delighted that we are able to present and host this exhibition," explains Max S. Shangle, President, Harrington College of Design.

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Furniture tradeshows are two different beasts

“It’s that idea of understanding our marketplace. The one thing that American industry, particularly the furniture industry, is really good at is knowing its market. It’s a diverse market. Price point wise, it’s diverse, style wise, materials — all of that stuff. If you were on the outside looking in, it’s chaos piled on top of itself. What our industry has been able to do is work its way through that and continue to serve the customer in ways that other parts of the world can’t respond to.”

-Max Shangle


Wobbling Cafe Tables the World Over Prompt Seasick Diners to Seek Solution

"Tables aren't easy to design because of the leverage of the long leg," explains Max Shangle... He says that pushing a dining table, whose average leg is 30 inches long, just a quarter of an inch sideways exerts more than 500 pounds of pressure on the area where the leg joins the table. Chair legs, being shorter, don't get that much stress, but on the other hand, chairs wobble, too.

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Vladimir Kagan: A Modern Master

From his home and part-time studio in Nantucket, Vladimir Kagan continues his pursuit of defining modern design.

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SASD Makes Maker Faire

 “The student involvement, engagement and participation was nothing short of amazing! I am exceptionally grateful and very proud of the work put forward — SASD/UB was richly presented. Please acknowledge and thank those involved from design, construction, execution and engagement — much to be proud of!”

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West Michigan: A Design-Centric Region

“The design collaboration degree really builds on strengths we already have,” says Kendall Dean Max Shangle. “Our Collaborative Design classes have been running for going on 10 years, with projects involving everything from pediatric cancer to Habitat for Humanity. But up until now, the best a student could do was minor in Collaborative Design. With this new degree, we can offer more classes, like a Design Ethics course that’s available to anyone who wants to take it, but is supported by this major.”

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Unfinished Lines

Design Thinking as a Commodity

Some thoughts.

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